On the Frontier

Posted by peterlunenfeld on December 24th, 2020 filed in Uncategorized

The Winter Huntington Frontiers issue has a cover story on Octavia Butler and the new bio written by Lynell George. There’s a nice write-up on City at the Edge of Forever as well: “How did Los Angeles start the 20th century as a dusty frontier town and end up a century later as one of the globe’s supercities—with unparalleled cultural, economic, and technological reach? … Lunenfeld, the 2015–16 Dana and David Dornsife Fellow at The Huntington weaves together the city’s art, architecture, and design; juxtaposes its entertainment and literary histories; and explores its restaurant kitchens, recording studios, and ultra-secret research and development labs. In the process, he reimagines Los Angeles as simultaneously an exemplar and cautionary tale for the 21st century.”

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