Peter Benjamin Lunenfeld

UCLA Design | Media Arts
4252 Broad Art Center
240 Charles E. Young Dr.
Suite 2275, Box 951456
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1456

Founder and Director, The Institute for Technology & Aesthetics (The ITA)

Steering Committee Member, UCLA Digital Humanities and Media Studies

Faculty, UCLA Urban Humanities


UCLA, Department of Film and Television. Ph.D., 1994.
Special concentration on digital media.
Dissertation: Film Rouge: Genre, Postmodern Theory, and the American Cinema of the 1980s. Advisor: Steve Mamber.
State University of New York at Buffalo, Center for Media Study. M.A.
Columbia University, B.A. in History.


Professor, UCLA Design | Media Arts Department, 2008-.
Professor, Media Design Program, Art Center College of Design. 1993-2008.
Applications Coordinator, Lyon Lamb Video Animation Systems. 1991-92.


Residential Fellowship, Ingmar Bergman Foundation, Faro Island, Sweden, 2024

Co-Principal Investigator, UC CAT IIP Major Grant, “Lay of the Land, Eye in the Sky: Drones for Environmental Justice Design Research and Practice” [with Rebeca Mendez and Erin Cooney]. 2021.

Co-Principal Investigator, SoAA Research Grant, “Environmental Justice Design Research as Embedded, Embodied Learning” [with Rebeca Mendez and Erin Cooney].  2020.

International Award for Art Criticism (IAAC), granted by Minsheng Art Museum (PRC) /Royal College of Art (UK) . 2017

Dana and David Dornsife Fellow, Huntington Library, 2015-16.

Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship in the Ecology of Media, Media Ecology Association, 2013.

University of California Humanities Research Institute (UCHRI) Conference & Seminar Grant recipient, 2009.

Vectors Fellow, Annenberg School of Communication, USC, 2007.

Resident Fellow, Columbia University Institute for Scholars, Reid Hall, Paris, France. 2005.

Creativity & Culture Grant, Rockefeller Foundation, 2000-2005.

Venture Grant, Jeffrey and Catherine Soros 2000-2003.


City at the Edge of Forever: Los Angeles Reimagined (Viking, 2020)

Digital_Humanities, co-authors Anne Burdick, Johanna Drucker, Todd Presner, and Jeffrey Schnapp (MIT Press, 2012).

The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading: Tales of the Computer as Culture Machine (MIT Press, 2011). Winner of the Dorothy Lee Award for Outstanding Scholarship, 2013.

USER: InfoTechnoDemo (MIT Press, 2005), visuals by Mieke Gerritzen.

Snap to Grid: A User’s Guide to Digital Arts, Media, and Cultures (MIT Press, 2000).

The Digital Dialectic: New Essays on New Media, editor (MIT Press, 1999).

College Basics, co-author (Semester Press, 1991).


Editorial Director, Mediawork Pamphlet Series & Web Site (MIT Press, 2001-).
The Mediawork project, an Institute for Technologies & Aesthetics project,  has won awards for writing (the Susan K. Langer Award for Writing Machines), design (official selection for the California Design Biennial, the Cooper-Hewitt Design Triennial, and AIGA’s 50 Books/50 Covers) and interactive design (an I.D. Magazine medal for WMWS). For information and access to the interactive Web Takes, go to http://mitpress.mit.edu/mediawork

Shaping Things (2005) by Bruce Sterling, designed by Lorraine Wild
Web Take: “Macroscopes” text by John Thackara, applet by Schoenerwissen/OfCD

Rhythm Science (2004) by Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky that Subliminal Kid, designed by COMA Amsterdam/New York.
Web Take: Hypnotext by Peter Halley & Casey Reas

Writing Machines (2002), by N. Katherine Hayles, designed by Anne Burdick.
Web Take: Hollowbound Book, interactive animation by Erik Loyer
Web Supplement: WMWS by Anne Burdick & Sean Donahue

Utopian Entrepreneur (2001) by Brenda Laurel, designed by Denise Gonzales Crisp.
Web Take: “Idea Tree,” an on-line comic by Scott McCloud


“Colloidal Suspension: Immersion and the Pedagogies of Making” is a mix of media theory, design practice, and digital humanities, published by Sensate: A Journal for Experiments in Critical Media Practice. The piece combines an essay on immersive, virtual, and augmented realities, a curated selection of UCLA undergraduate work from the Desma 104: Design Futures class. The boundary-pushing format based on Google Sheets is by renowned media designer Denise Gonzales Crisp. January, 2020. https://sensatejournal.com/colloidal-suspension-immersion-and-the-pedagogies-of-making/

“Gidget on the Couch,” Memory Issue, Vectors: Journal of Culture and Technology in a Dynamic Vernacular v. 3, n. 2 (Summer, 2012). 12 minute on-line narrative docufiction. Produced with a Vectors Fellowship. Writer and Narrator, Peter Lunenfeld, Producer/designer Dmitri Siegel, Director, Matthew Nourse. http://vectors.usc.edu/projects/index.php?project=96.

Gentext App for Apple iPads. GenText is a powerful and innovative interactive text application that allows readers to access arguments at three levels “short abstract, single screen synopsis, and full selection” with the dynamic interaction offered by pinching and reverse pinching literalizing the metaphor of “zooming” between the levels in a text. The app was developed by media artist Chandler McWilliams with input from Peter Lunenfeld, (2011). http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/gentext/id449002205?mt=8.

The Directorate, Web intervention. The Directorate offers an alternate mode of accessing The Secret War Between Downloading and Uploading via URLs (not recommended for those with carpal tunnel, weak fingers, or short attention spans). Interface by Jon Gacnik from a concept by Peter Lunenfeld, Chandler McWilliams, and Brian Roettinger (2011). http://secret-war.com.

Sex and Death in LA, at the Biggest Visual Power Show, produced by Koert van Mensvoort and Mieke Gerritzen. Performance lecture at the Million Dollar Theater in Downtown Los Angeles featuring critical theory with back-up dancers (2008).

The following WebTakes and Web Supplement were commissioned dynamic media responses to the Mediawork Pamphlets. I served a combined role as producer and publisher on these projects. They can be found at mitpress.mit.edu/mediawork, a site I developed in 2001 with the design firm Triplecode:
“Macroscopes,” WebTake for Shaping Things, text John Thackara, applet (2005).
Hypnotext, WebTake for Rhythm Science by Peter Halley & Casey Reas (2004).
Hollowbound Book, WebTake for Writing Machines by Erik Loyer (2002).
WMWS, Supplement for Writing Machines, Anne Burdick and Sean Donahue (2002).
Idea Tree, Web Take for Utopian Entrepreneur by Scott McCloud (2001).


“Days of the Dead: Frozen Bodies, Real Martyrs, and the Quest for Immortality in the City of Angels,” Los Angeles Review of Books Quarterly n. 27 (Fall, 2020).

“How the Corvette Helped Create California Cool: Peter Lunenfeld on Joan Didion and Angelyne,” August 23, 2020, https://lithub.com/how-the-corvette-helped-create-southern-california-cool/

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“Hyperaesthetics: Art, Speed and Interpretation,” Fourth International Symposium of Electronic Art (FISEA), Minneapolis, 1993.

“When The Newest Isn’t the Best: Who Judges Computer Art and How,” LA SIGGRAPH, 1993 [with Dr. Ken Goldberg, USC Dept. of Computer Science].

“Commodity Camaraderie and the TechnoVolksgiest,” College Art Association (CAA) Annual Conference, Seattle, 1993.

“Towards a Digital Dialectic,” Society for Cinema Studies (SCS) Conference, New Orleans, 1993.

“Genre-alizations: Contemporary Theorizations on the Notion of Genre,”Dangerous Liaisons?: A Conference on Literature, Film, And Video, Los Angeles, 1992.

“Tangled Up in Blue,” University Film & Video Association Conference (UFVA), Corvalis, 1991.

“James Blue and the Complex Documentary,” SCS Conference, Los Angeles, 1991.

“Film’s High Style, Arnheim’s Great Moment: The Influence of the German Art Theoretical/Historical Tradition on Film as Art,” SCS Conference, Washington, 1990.

“Blade Runner as Attainable Post-Modern Text: Interactive Close Analysis in the Digital Age.” Guest lecture on the application of new technologies to the teaching of the humanities at the Carpenter Center, Harvard University, 1990.


Chair and convener, “e-Pub: A Roundtable on Design, Technology and Meaning-Making in 21st Century Academic Publishing,” UCLA, 2010, an Institute for Technologies & Aesthetics project.

Seminar Chair, “Nowcasting: Design Theory & the Digital Humanities,” UCLA, 2009, an Institute for Technologies & Aesthetics project.

Coordinator, “Up Next 2007: The Long Zoom: Media Design Now,” ACCD, Pasadena, 2007, an Institute for Technologies & Aesthetics project.

Conference Chair, “Alternate Modes of Knowledge Dissemination,” CUIS, Paris, 2005.

Conference Co-Chair, SCRIPTED SPACES: An ITA Conference on Entertainment Design, Narrative Architecture, and Virtual Environments, 1998, an Institute for Technologies & Aesthetics project.

Conference Chair, The Digital Dialectic: A Conference on the Covergence of Technology, Media & Theory, Pasadena, CA, 1995, an Institute for Technologies & Aesthetics project.

Conference Chair, Curating New Media: A Technocultural Roundtable for Curators, Audiences, and Audiences, Cyberarts Gallery, Los Angeles, 1993, an Institute for Technologies & Aesthetics project.

Panel Chair, “The New Lexicon, The Re:Structured Screen,” an on-line conference sponsored by Eyebeam Atelier, 2002.

Panel Chair, “Data, Design, And Content Streams,” Streaming Media conference, American Film Institute, 2001.

Moderator, “Micro Space/Global Time” Panel. MAK Center for Art & Architecture, LA. 1999.

Panel Chair, “Media Interventions 1,” Technologies of Moving Images, Stockholm, 1998.

Panel Chair, “Places & Spaces: Physical & Electronic,” Digital Assets Management Conference, Annenberg Center, USC 1998.

Panel Chair, “New Technologies & Interactive Media for Interdisciplinary Artists,” About Productions/UCLA Interdisciplinary Arts Caucus, Los Angeles, 1994.

Panel Chair, “Theorizing New Media,” SCS Conference, New Orleans, 1993.

Panel Chair, “Enough Already About the Director: The Other Craftspeople in the Contemporary Cinema,” SCS Conference, Los Angeles, l991.

Panel Chair, “Making an Impact on Television: James Blue, The Complex Documentary, and the Articulation of Local Issues,” UFVA Conference, Corvalis, 1991.


Director, Institute for Technologies & Aesthetics (ITA). The ITA is an interdisciplinary space unique to Southern California for the development of new forms and theories of computers and culture. The ITA’s mission is to ground the discourses of technologies in the constraints of their practice and to create interdisciplinary collaborations that expand the parameters of visual intellectual culture. Projects include SCRIPTED SPACES: An ITA Conference on Entertainment Design, Narrative Architecture, and Virtual Environments, 1998, co-sponsorship of Unwriting the Word: A Festival of Music, Murmurs, & Media, 1999 at Loyola Marymount University, the Mediawork Pamphlet Series, “Zines for Grown-Ups,” the first of which was released in 2001,

Affiliated Faculty, UCLA Digital Humantities and Media Studies, 2008-.

Member, Gerson Lehrman Group Consultant Management Platform, Speciality: Media, Telecommunications, 2007-.

Juror, Interactive Media Design Review for I.D. Magazine, 2002.

Founder, mediawork: The Southern California New Media Working Group. Meeting quarterly at Art Center, this group gathers specialists from a range of disciplines and institutions to discuss their work and debate the impact of the computer on contemporary culture. 1993-2001.

Member, National Nominating Committee for the Rockefeller Foundation Intercultural Film/Video/Multimedia Fellowships. 1995-97.

Participant, Labyrinth Group on Interactive Media, Annenberg Center, USC. 1997.

Contributor, PainOnline Catalogue, Shauna Sampson and Steven Overman, Curators, on The Thing Art & Communication, New York, 1994.

Manuscript Reviewer for the MIT Press, Computer Science division. 1993-.

Manuscript Reviewer for the University of Texas Press, Constructs Series. 1995-.

North American Representative, Steering Committee, Media Futures: Policy and Performance International Conference, Queensland, Australia. 1993.

Member, Advisory Committee, American Film Institute-Apple Computer Center For Film and Videomakers. 1992.

Applications Coordinator for multi-media for Academy Award-winning company, Lyon Lamb Video Animation Systems, of Burbank, CA. Responsibilities included managing software developers, evaluating 3D computer graphics systems, doing demonstrations, and coordinating development and marketing of Macintosh, Windows, and UNIX based graphical user interface software systems for animation controllers. 1991-92.

Consultant for New Technologies with Creative Intelligence Associates, Inc., an architectural and design consortium based in Tokyo, Japan. 1991-92.

Member, the Interactive Technologies Analysis Group, an organization associated with the international federation of film archives and the Society for Cinema Studies. 1990-.


Extensive work in higher education and non-profit administration in the area of grants and sponsored programs. Specific expertise in the development of private and public funding sources in the area of the humanities and advanced media technologies.

Chair, UCLA School of the Arts and Architecture Faculty Executive Committee, 2020-2022.

Member, UCLA Faculty Senate Committee on Instruction and Technology, 2012-.

Member, Reconstitution of the UCLA School of art and Architecture Work Group, 2014-15.

Member, UCLA SoAA Faculty Executive Committee, 2009-2013.

Member, Development Subcommittee, DMA Faculty Senate, 2014-.

Chair, Development Subcommittee, DMA Faculty Senate, 2008-2014.

Outside Reviewer and Panelist, City University of Hong Kong School for Creative Media Presidential Evaluation Initiative, 2008.

Reviewer & Evaluator, Israel Science Foundation (ISF), 2007-

Nominator & Evaluator, McArthur Foundation Fellowship Programs, 2001-

Nominator, World Technology Awards, 2001-

“Media Design as Business Practice,”San Gabriel Valley Economic Outlook Development Conference, 2002.

“Art, The Web, and Contemporary Giving Strategies,” The James Irvine Foundation Board Retreat, Newport Beach, CA. October, 1996.

Member, Editorial Board, Art/Text, 1996-2001.

Member, Art Center Academic Task Force, 1996-; Art Center Web Site Development Advisory Committee, 1995-; President’s Committee on the Future of Computing at Art Center. 1994-

Member, Editorial Advisory Board, Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies. 1989-95.

Editor, “Grants Bulletin,” Cinema Journal, 30, No. 3, Spring 1991.

Chair, “Special Session on Grants,” Society for Cinema Studies Conference, Los Angeles, 1991.

Editor, Fellowships and Funding Opportunities for Faculty in the Arts and Humanities, distributed by Research Foundation of the State University of New York. 1988.

Assistant to the Editor, The Journal for Higher Education Management. 1986-87.

Program Specialist, Office of the Vice President for Sponsored Programs, SUNY at Buffalo, liaison to the graduate and faculty communities for fellowship information and development. 1986-88.


Co-Chair, Tara Zeppel, Doctoral Committee, UCSD Visual Arts 2018.
Member, Megan Driscoll , Doctoral Committee, UCLA Art History, 2018.
Member, Mike D’Errico, Doctoral Committee, UCLA Musicology, 2016.
Chair, Tuangkamol Thongborisute, Masters Committee, UCLA Design Media Arts, 2018.
Chair, David Ertel, Masters Committee, UCLA Design Media Arts, 2017.
Chair, John Brumley, Masters Committee, UCLA Design Media Arts, 2015.
Chair, Rhazes Spell, Masters Committee, UCLA Design Media Arts, 2013.
Chair, Diego Gomez, Masters Committee, UCLA Design Media Arts, 2012.
Chair, Madeleine Gallagher, Masters Committee, UCLA Design Media Arts, 2011.